Friday, November 29, 2013

Golf Dreams Still Happening, Continuing the Dream

I am back from a long break.  I know some of my readers have been looking forward to my tips and story of my dream.

I have had other things going on in my life and have had to stop blogging for a while.  For those of you that have been my avid readers I apologize for not giving you any thing new for a while, but hope you have enjoyed the re-reading of the blogs that I have already written

Through the course of the 2013 attempts of disappointment of my dream of qualifying in a PGA event I am not totally displeased with my year. 

I have had a marvelous time practicing, traveling and playing in events even though I didn't qualify for any of the tournaments.  My biggest disappointment was the qualifier that I broke my finger/hand while going into the last four holes with a chance only falling to unexpected disappointment leading to my withdrawing due to injury.

I am very hopeful that the 2014 year will be more eventful and injury free.

I have learned a lot through the course of the year on my game and philosophy of the mindset in course management and working with the pressure of disheartening rounds.

Through the next several blogs we will cover more on how to deal with adversity, course management, dealing with the pressure of performance and fighting through the bad shots.  We will also discuss what you can do through the winter months to keep your game sharp for the spring.

Before we start on that my next blog will be the final blog on my bunker series, Long Bunker Shots.

Until then, swing smooth and enjoy the game.

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