Monday, May 6, 2013

Rainy Days continued... Five Things You Can Do Indoors

Well it is another Rainy Day, I guess it really hasn't stopped.  Been raining now for about three days.  Fortunately, it has only been raining and not storming.

You just got your game the way you want it, or, close enough that you are feeling good about your swing and scoring.  You get a long delay for unknown reasons or it is just raining for several days that you cannot get on the course.

Here are five things you can do inside:

  1. Keep stretching so you can stay flexible.
  2. Practice putting on carpet or indoor putting pad.
  3. If you have a room or garage that is safe to swing a 7 iron, you can practice your swing and work on your technique.
  4. Chipping Drill Indoors
  5. Work on Your Swing Balance.
Over the next few days we will go over all five of these tips.

So until you can get back on the course keep these in mind to once you do you won't miss a beat....

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