Friday, January 3, 2014

Golf Sand Shots, Don't Be Afraid of the Bunkers Cont'd, Long Bunker Shot

It is time to finish the Bunkers Series with Long Bunker Shots.

Sometimes these can be the most difficult shots because they are relatively uncommon.  Sometimes you have bunkers flat, with lips, rocks, soft and firm sand.

To play long bunker shots, say around twenty yards, you need to stand less open, with your club face only slightly open.  Put your weight forward on your left foot ad your and slightly ahead of the ball.  Play this off the center of your stance and you aim to enter the sand closer to the ball, about  three-quarters of an inch behind.  The set-up gives you more of a U-Shaped swing arc, a flatter one through the sand, which drives the ball forward.

During takeaway, still cock your wrists early as with the standard shot and you swing back slow.  During impact your left hand goes through ahead of the ball, your left wrist has a convex bend.  This will take loft off the club, so that the ball flies lower, with a "skip and bite" action, as you have entered the sand that much closer.

This technique will serve you well for all long bunker shots, but what do you do for the thirty and forty yarders?  Answer: as with a low running shot, you take another club.  If you are faced with a thirty-yard bunker shot, you would use your pitching wedge, not your 60-degree sand wedge.  When you are forty yards recommend your 9 iron.

One last observation on bunker shots: no matter what the lie, the average golfer usually leaves his sand shots will short of the hole.  So you need to work on this.  Recommend the next time you are out with your group on the weekend four ball, make a few friendly bets.  Anyone who leaves their shot short of the green has to pay 50 cents, or whatever, towards the drinks at the 19th hole.  I promise you it won't be long before you're getting up and down in two with the best of us.
Well, that is it for the bunker series and I hope you all have been able to take something with you.

If you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask and if you want me to talk about any particular subject I am open for suggestions.

It is winter again and not much time for working on your golf game unless you are in a warm climate.  See some of my previous blogs on working drills during the winter months.

Till next time, keep your self limber and warm.....

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