Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Four Points by Sheraton Hotel & Restaraunt Food Review Brentwood, Tennessee - US Senior Open Qualifier

I have to change on talking about my golf adventure for a little bit to talk about a Great Place to Eat in Brentwood, Tennessee just south of Nashville on I-65.

My wife and I are staying at the Four Points by Sheraton in Brentwood, Tennessee and we have found that not only is it a great hotel to stay at with outstanding customer service, but a great place to eat as well. 

Most times when you stay at a hotel you end up having to drive to find something to eat.  Well not here at the Four Points by Sheraton in Brentwood.  You only have to walk a few feet from the elevator and you will be in dining heaven. 

The Executive Chef, John Harasimik, and his staff have a excellent menu not only for the sandwich and burger lovers, but also for the people who want to enjoy gourmet food.  I would classify this as a four star dining facility in a casual atmosphere.

It all started on Tuesday the 18th of June when we arrived at the hotel around 1pm.  We were hungry from our travel for the day so we asked where there was a good place to eat nearby and they suggested right here at our hotel, they are open until 2pm.  We have eaten at many hotel restaurants and haven't had to many good meals so we usually travel to the nearest restaurant.  Today, we were tired and hungry so we decided to try it.  Now understand they were cleaning up for closing for the afternoon and there was no one there but the waitress for what we could see.  We asked what was good and she recommended the chicken wrap and the Brentwood Burger.  So we tried them and as we were eating these yummy delights the Executive Chef John came out to our table to ask how everything was.  Now normally, we never get to talk to the Executive Chef unless there is something wrong and the customer generally is the instigator.  It was pleasant to talk to him and share with John that the burger was the best I have eaten in any restaurant (I have traveled extensively in the world) and my wife's Chicken Wrap was out of this world.  He thanked us and recommended we try the Cast Iron Chicken Entrée on a bed of Sautéed French Cut Green Beans with a side dish of White Truffle Mac-N-Cheese for dinner.

We came back later that night for the Hotel Staff informed us there was a local musician playing from 7pm to 10pm and it is a must see.  The musician was good, but the food was "Outstanding"!  We took John's advise and ordered the Cast Iron Chicken Entrée with the White Truffle Mac-n-Cheese.  Wow!  That is the only word I could describe it with.  It was that good.

Today after my practice round at the Hillwood Country Club for the Senior US Open Qualifier, my wife suggested we go to eat at the Hotel Restaurant.  Why not, last night was fabulous so we couldn't go wrong.  We were hungry, but wanted something light so we ordered the Cobb Salad and the Ribeye Salad.  They were both wonderful.  They have a treat system at the Four Points that provides you a token for a dessert treat.  I am a Diabetic and therefore cannot eat sweets so I asked our waiter if I could exchange it for a appetizer instead.  He stated,  he will ask the manager and let us know.  Well, he came back and stated that we could get $5 off a appetizer or the Executive Chef would make me a low sugar dessert specially for me. I ordered he dessert.

That is what he did, John came out to our table with this delicious fruity yogurt dessert that I normally never eat because I just don't like this kind of dessert.  Well, my tastebuds made me a liar.  I loved it.  Never has any restaurant gone out of their way to make me feel so welcome as a diabetic, that they would be willing to make me  a special dessert treat like that.  John, then asked if my wife had any sugar restrictions for he had something he created that he would like her to try .  Of course, my wife enjoys new flavors so she said yes.  John brought out this awesome looking Crème Brulee. 
Inline image 2
He explained that he had just been awarded Runner-Up Best In Show at the Taste of Williamson County Show.  It was not just a Crème Brulee, it was a Lavender Infused Crème Brulee.  It was ironic that Lavender is my wife's favorite fragrance of all time.  She grows lavender all over our yard.  She never realized you could put it in food.  This Lavender Crème Brulee was another dish from John that was out of this world.  She described it as sensual, comforting, soothing, tasteful delight, a spa for your mouth.

So, if you are planning on staying near Nashville and are looking for a great place to stay with a fabulous four star restaurant in a casual dining setting, then you must stay and eat at the Four Points by Sheraton in Brentwood, Tennessee just off I-65 on exit 74A.  Or if you are just passing by stop in and have a great meal with exploding flavors.

My wife and I just want to thank John and his staff for three fabulous meals and a satisfying favorable remembrance for our palates.

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