Monday, March 10, 2014

MARCH MADNESS Golf Spring Savings on Golf Courses and Clothing

Well it is March Madness time and getting closer to the full press of golf on the course.

I always look forward to March Madness time in Basketball because, not only do we get to watch our favorite NCAA basketball teams (Mine is the UK Wildcats), but we are also that much closer to the wonderful game of golf in good clean warm weather.  

With spring golf coming we have to look at ways to find golf a little cheaper than last year.  With the economy unstable and golf prices rising both on and off the course you always want to find ways to get clothes and golf cheaper.

I have found ways to decrease the cost of golf in cheaper rounds of golf and also finding inexpensive clothing.

There are a variety of discount golf course clothing sites and Internet sites that can get T-Times at great courses at low rates and good times.  You can get this for 1-4 players or set up golf outings for a multitude of friends to play your favorite games.  There use to be just one, but now there a few Course T-Times sites that will help in that result.  

Now, as far as clothes, I like to look good on the course which helps me with my attitude and mindset to focus on the game of golf.  It also, allows me to be comfortable and not in tight jeans or shirts that hinder my body movement and swing.

With wanting to look good I look for the best deals with the best product.  This is the time of year that clothes deals are on the rise for the golf courses are getting rid of last years stock at unreal low prices.  You also can get great deals with new 2014 stock on-line at the specialty stores which are to many to name.  They have great spring discounts, march-madness discounts just in-time for the spring fling of venturing out in terrain appreciation called Golf.

There is nothing like feeling good in comfortable clothes and looking good even if your game isn't up to par yet.

Check out the many deals that are available and look good for the year by buying in the spring at these low price deals.

Next time, I will talk about additional savings on golf equipment, where I will have a special item up for sale if anyone is looking for a great golf cart bag.

Until then, remember that if you aren't playing well or your are playing great, it is always nice to look good doing it and help keep the image of golf respectable......  

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