Friday, June 21, 2013

US Senior Open Qualifier - HIllwood Country Club Nashville, Tennesse

On June 20, I played in my first US Senior Open Qualifier.  Unfortunately I didn't obtain one of the two spots that were awarded.  However, it was a marvelous experience. 

I did start the day with a good breakfast at the Hotel we were staying at to provide me nourishment for the day.

We traveled 15 minutes to the Hillwood Country Club Golf Course.  This was a really nice Private Country Club.  The course was in good condition and the greens ran true.

I started the day by meeting my caddy at the club.  We went to the range first where I utilized my warm up drill.  After the range, we went to the chipping area where I practiced my short game just off the green, 10, 20, 30 yards out, and sand shots.

Last, I worked on my putting on the practice green.  I thought this would be most important because the greens would be running at about 14 on the stimpmeter. 

The course was set up on USGA form by making the course as tough as possible and it lived up to the expectations.  There was only one round under par, three one over, and the rest well they don't really matter, but there was some high scores.

I think the major reason for the high scores from most of the players had to do with the greens, their false edges and their firmness.  You just couldn't get the balls to stop.


The other factor is that the temperature was 95 degrees with a feel like temperature because of the humidity at about 105 degrees.  You just couldn't keep enough fluids in your system.  I drank 12oz bottle of water every 2 holes and had a couple of sport drinks.  I ate trail mix, apples and bananas.  I even carried a cool wet towel for around my neck.  All of this still didn't keep from over heating and getting leg cramps during the last three holes.  My wife told me they had to have medical attention to three of the golfers on the course and 12 others withdrew.

I enjoyed myself on the experience of playing this tournament and definitely enjoyed meeting different pros around the region.  I didn't enjoy the heat.  As my fellow playing partner stated on the 17th tee, I am hitting all upper body for I have no legs left.

Well, I am looking forward to my next tournament on June 29th.  This will be a one day Pro-Am Tournament in Nicholasville, Ky.  The Professional Golfers they have lined up for the 4th Annual Alltech Invitational are mostly from the Tour and the NGA Tour.   The Pro's will be playing stroke play while playing with three amateurs that will be playing a best ball.  The Amateurs can chose to play the Pro's drive, but that is the only shot they can use of his.  This will be an exciting event.  They plan on having ESPN Radio for interviews, live music after the tournament, and a motivational speaker.  The course we are playing is Connemara Golf Course.  The Course is in excellent condition and very challenging. 

Until next time, keep moving forward so you don't go in reverse......

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