Monday, March 17, 2014

Four Areas Getting Ready for Spring Golf - What to work on in the Month of March Madness - 1. Flexibility

It is time to get ready for the spring golf outings.

It is March Madness Basketball is here so even it is cold outside we have something still to do, see if our favorite team make it to the Sweet Sixteen, possible the Elite Eight or if we are lucky enough the Final Four and a Chance to be crowned the National Champion.

That will keep us a little busy for the month of March as we wait for the warmer weather.  If we are lucky and live where it is warm we can do both.

But, if you are not lucky to live in a warm climate the Month of March we can still work on our game while watching the NCAA Tournament.

What are the areas we need to work on after sitting for the winter months:

  1. Flexibiity
  2. Endurance
  3. Tempo
  4. Breathing
This is just four areas that can be of concern as we move into the playing months of golf.  Let's break them down and add some activities that will help us with these areas:

Flexibility (After sitting for the winter we tend to get a little stiff and our swing isn't as fluid)
    • Side Stretch:  Stand wigth your feet slifhtly apart, aligned with your shoulder.  Keep your hips facing forward.  Lift your left hand in the air and streth it to the side over your head.  Hold the position release and repeat with your right arm.
    • Reaching Down Stretch:  This exercise focuses on your triceps.  Grasp your hands together.  Reach them behind your head and try stretch them down your back.  Your elbows should be pointed up.  Hold the position then release and repeat.
    • Rotation Lunge:  Put your hands on either side of a golf club and then put the golf club on the back of your shoulders.  Take a big step into the lunge position.  Turn your body in the direction of your extended knee.  Hold the stretch for two counts.  Release and repeat.
    • Rotator Cuff:  Hold the golf club at its center point.  Keep your arm extended.  Turn the golf club to the right and then to the left.  Repeat and then change to your other hand.
    • Hamstring Stretch:  Lie flat on your back with your legs straight out.  Lift one leg into the air and hold the back of your thigh with your hands.  Pull your leg towards you.  The other leg should be flat on the ground.  Hold the stretch and then release it.  Repeat, alternating legs.
    • Cats up and down:  This exercise stretches the lower back.  Get onto all fours.  Your arms should be in line with your shoulders and your legs should be in line with your hips.  Arch your back and hold this position for a count of 30.  Then flatten your back for the count of 30.  Your eyes should be looking at the floor and your arms should be kept straight.
    • Neck Stretch:  Turn your head to the left and hold for the count of two.  Turn your head to the right and hold for count of two.  Repeat.  Bend your head forward so that your chin touches your chest and hold for the count of two.  Touch your left ear to your left shoulder and hold for the count of two.  Touch your ear to your right shoulder and hold for the count of two.  Repeat.
    • Forearm and Wrist Stretch:  Lengthen your right arm in front of you without bending your elbow.  Use your left hand to bend your right wrist down nd stretch it.  Repeat for the opposite.
Next will will cover Endurance.

Until next time, don't just work on the physical aspect, but the mental aspect also........

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