Thursday, March 20, 2014

Four Areas Getting Ready for Spring Golf - What to work on in the Month of March Madness - 4 Breathing

We are now on our final Area Breathing.

Below is just a reminder of the four areas we are getting ready for spring golf;

  1. Flexibility
  2. Endurance
  3. Tempo
  4. Breathing
The last area we covered was Tempo.  This time we will talk about Breathing.


One thinks breathing isn't that important, but in reality it really is.  But with that being stated, don't pay to much attention to the breathing for it will work with you once you find the technique that works for you.

The question is should you breathe in or out before your golf swing.

I usually don't pay much attention to my breathing during the golf swing.  But, before I swing I take a deep breath.

There is a trick to taking a deep breath, I will explain at the end of the page.

Generally, golfers breath out at address, breathe in ;during the backswing and out again during the downswing.

Some tour pros say they try to breath out very slowing during the downswing and follow through.

My opinion is you don't need to consciously control your breathing during your swing.  But if you feel like you get to tense during the swing, you might want to experiment with your breathing.

Like I said at the beginning of this page, I don't focus on my breathing during the swing.  But, I try to take a deep breath before I pull the trigger.

When you take a deep breath, you should breathe out before you breathe in.

Long distance runners breathe out before then take oxygen in, you should do the same.

Below is Tom Watson's Technique which you can try:

He once talked about How skeet shooters breathe during shooting Clay Pigeons.

1. take a deep breath
2. let it out
3. take another deep breath
4. let half of it out
5. start your swing

How hope the last four blogs talking about the Four Areas Getting Ready for Spring Golf were informative and provided you great tip on preparing you for the upcoming season of golf.

Until next time, breath easy, smooth tempo, lasting endurance, and stay flexible......

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