Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Golf Practice Started - Warm Weather Finally Here for A Day - At the Golf Course

Today was a day that finally was warm enough (75 degrees) to put my clubs in the trunk and take a lunch hour at the Golf Course.

Through a hectic day at the office, the warm weather allowed me to get my first practice in this year without having to go to Dicks Sporting Goods to hit a few balls as I test some of their new drivers and woods.

Even though the golf course isn't ready for smooth greens and great shape I was able to get a little practice in.

When you only have an hour lunch what can you do.

Today I worked on chipping and walking.

As I have stated before I believe that the short game is the most important part of the game since you use it about 70-80% of your shots.

With limited time, I practiced on my chip and run shot with my 56 degree wedge.  I placed myself about 20 yards away with about 15 yards of green between me and the hole.

  • Position the ball just inside the right foot.  (left foot if left handed)
  • Place your back foot perpendicular to the target and your front foot at a 45 degree angle with not much room between your feet in an open stance.
  • Take a short back swing with hinging your hands almost immediately. (the distance you need to carry and hit the ball will be adjusted on length of back swing taken)
  • The most important item on this technique is to make sure your club head swings at a descending angle, with the club head behind the hands.
I worked on this for approximately 20 minutes.  The goal is to get all the shots to finish within 3 feet or less of the hole.

It was such a nice day I thought I would check out a nice walk on the golf course and hit balls on two holes.  Of course to make sure I got the most exercise possible I picked the two hilliest holes and carried my bag.  The first hole I played 3 balls knowing that I would have average shots off the tee because first swings of the year.

This allowed me to play one shot from the middle of the fairway, one shot from the right rough on a down hill slope and the other shot I had to hit around the tree line and fade it into the green  The one in the fairway I placed on the green.  The one in the rough I pulled and was on left side of the green and chipped within 4 feet (about 20 yards away from the hole).  The third ball on the fade to the green I left on the right side of the hole with a short shot up the bank of the green with about 5 yards of green to play with and left it about 4 feet away.  My putting stroke was fine, but the greens are real bumpy for they haven't yet started rolling and cutting them.  So my recommendation on putting this early is work on technique and stroke.

With time running out, the next hole I hit only one drive down the middle and placed the second shot about pin high right side green rough.  I chipped and one putted.

Well it was time to get back to work.  It definitely was fun, enjoyable and allowed me to see what I can focus on the range for the start of my practice sessions coming up now that it has started to warm up.  Unfortunately, tomorrow back down to the 20-30's with possible snow, then a warm up to the 60's again.

Until next time, remember when you are out practicing be focused on what you want to accomplish and have fun doing it......

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