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Golf Equipment - What Should The Average Golfer Invest In

Golf Equipment.

These are two words that are important in the game of golf, for without equipment you cannot play.  To play golf all you really need is one club and one ball, shoes are optional however, more equipment and shoes will actually allow you to play better and have a chance at getting lower scores.

What kind of Equipment should the Average Golfer Get?  Should I get Taylermade, Callaway, Titleist, Adams, Cobra, etc., so many different types and styles.  Ping is one that even has color coding for type of swing you have.  So many things to think about how do you decide.

I know when I started playing golf it wasn't that big of deal.  I took my Mom's clubs that she hardly used and just hit the ball around the yard and sometimes even went to the golf course with them.  It was inexpensive and mostly, I wasn't good enough so I just enjoyed playing.  The kids my age didn't laugh at the clubs you used because it was expensive for clubs then and you used what you could.  You didn't see many kids with matching clubs and sometimes even the strings on the woods were loose.  Oops, that tells my age a little, wooden club heads on your fairway and drivers.

Now, clubs can be really expensive and really cheap.  Just because you are buying something really expensive doesn't mean it will make you play better golf.  Sometimes, buying something less expensive can assist in you playing better golf.

The Professional Golfers have the most expensive clubs, with the best technology, and extremely well fitted to their style of play.  Most of which is given to them by their sponsors and they don't have to purchase them.  The shafts are very high tech and mostly you cannot purchase these on the open market.  What they truly use usually isn't on the market for the everyday golfer.

So with that being said, lets look at what the average golfer needs.

Higher or Lower Priced clubs:

  • Higher priced clubs generally have the best raw materials and the more precise the shape and weight distribution.
  • The manufacturers have become more competitive and there are many great low priced equipment out there.
  • All clubs on the market today are of reasonable playing quality, the important thing is personal suitability not price if you are prepared to wait
Swing Weight:
  • The feel of many modern clubs is identified by the swing weight.  For instance the driver and metal wood heads are so light they have to be off set with the right shaft inserted to make sure the weight of the club is balanced with your swing style.
  • The stiffer the shaft, basically, the greater the golfers chance of delivering the clubface accurately to the ball.  
  • Conversely, the more flexible the shaft, the greater potential for clubhead speed and thus greater distances.
  • But to get down to reality, the determining factors in selecting clubs must be your own strength, swing tempo, and feel.
  • Next you have to determine what grip is best for you.  There are so many of different styles and types, but that is not most important aspect of the grip.
  • Size is the first decision to make.
  • Store, factory and online bought clubs with a standard grip, for average people.
  • This may not be suitable.  Golfers come with small hands that may require a thinner grip than normal.  Golfers with large hands may need built up grips for maximum security and feel.  But , it goes further than that, the fatter the grip the more the shaft will be held in the palms of the hands.  This will lead to less wrist action during the swing
  • Conversely the thinner the grip, the more the club will be held by the fingers, and the more freely the wrist will work.  
  • A lack of wrist action often causes slicing, an over active wrist action often causes hooking.
A change in Grip Thickness might dramatically change your Game!!

If you don't want to spend a lot of money there are a lot of good golf clubs that are inexpensive and I would suggest that for the average golfer. 

Now for the golfers that want to have the best equipment, most expensive equipment, and look good no matter what their game, I recommend buying the high end and Brand Names without any questions.  For the clubs will not make or break your game.

For the golfers who want the maximum effort out of their clubs and spend the right amount of money not to exceed their budgets, I recommend off the shelf brand names with standard factory shafts, grips and weights.

For the golfers who want to improve on their game, are willing to spend a little more money or even save money for you can do this with brand names along with knockoffs.  See a local PGA Professional who does club fitting and test the clubs out before you buy.  You may find out that the high end and pricey club doesn't fit your golf swing and style. I believe that you need to fit your clubs to not only your swing but your body.

Myself, I play titleist irons and woods, cobra 3 rescue club, and a KGM Driver.  I have tested many clubs and these have always fit the best for not only my swing and body shape, but how they look to my eye.

If you can't stand looking at the shape or color of the club when addressing the ball it will affect your game considerably.

I hope all this helps you when deciding what and where to buy your clubs.

Until next time, once you figure out what your swing and body need in a club they will begin to feel the groove.......

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