Monday, April 22, 2013

Childhood Golf Course in Backyard

Well, time to tell how I learned at an early age to have course management and use all clubs in the bag.

As a child of a golfer  and lover of the game  it was a passion to play golf at an early age.  My Dad was a really talented golfer and played with some of the greats, Chi Chi, Gary Player and others while he was in the Military.  This helped me develop my love of the game.  As a young child I caddied at the same private course he did.  Well enough of that information.

It all started with deciding to ruin my Dad's yard.  We lived in a subdivision and had a 1/4 acre of lawn around the house.  We loved the game a lot and caddied and watched Dad play as we caddied for him and wanted to play it more but couldn't get on the course as often as we wanted.  So we designed an 18 hold golf course around the house with dog legs, hazards and tin can cups.  We had 4 par fives, 4 par threes and the rest par 4's.  We had it scaled (didn't know that term at the young age) to fit our yard so we could use full set of clubs using a whiffle ball.   You had to use Driver, fairway woods, long irons, short irons and final a putter to putt into a tin cup.  I had two brothers and many neighborhood friends that liked playing we held mini tournaments.  While playing on the miniature course I developed a course management that aloud me to determine which clubs I should use on different shot makings to help get me around the doglegs (corners of the house) to have the best shots into the green (tin cup area).  We learned to play in windy, rainy, hot, and moderate conditions.  The whiffle ball gave a true flight of the ball as it was hit from the club just as if we were hitting real balls on real golf courses.  The management of this course that we manufactured allowed me to take the course management on this course and take it to the real courses.  This knowledge helped me understand the makeup of the bigger courses and allowed me to shoot better golf.

That was a lot of fun and I continually go back to those great memories.  My brothers and I still talk about it often.

Well, if I have no comments or interest in going through specific drills or help in swing techniques before my next blog I will start with some of the rules of golf.  If you have any particular rules you want clarified or interpreted just comment and I will provide replies to those comments..

Until next time, may your swing be smooth and true.......

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