Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Golf Dream Continues Even though had a set Back

Hi I am back.  Well before we get into rules of the game I want to let you know what is happening for my next tournaments.

Well I am still recovering from my broken finger so I have not picked up a club since the last qualifier in Georgia for the Champions Tour.

I have had to cancel and withdraw from the US Open Qualifiers because I won't be able to be ready to play on May 7th.

My finger is feeling better and I believe I might be able to still participate in the US SENIOR OPEN Qualifier in mid June along with a local tournament end of June.

With that possibility in my mine it still gives me hope that the final part of my dream will happen.  In the past 8 years I have changed my game to play like a pro, currently teach as a professional, play in professional tournaments, and still trying to qualify and play in the actual PGA Event on either the Champions or PGA Tour.

I think that within at least a week to two weeks I will at least be able to start putting drills, work myself to chipping drills and finally work on my full swing for tempo and distance.  That will get me back into form I believe for mid Jun qualifier.  I pray everything works out and With Gods help this will happen.

Until I can start practicing and preparing as stated in my last blog if anyone has any recommendations or comments on what they would like me to explain in the game of golf such as, rules, course management, certain drills, posture, swing drills let me know and I will be glad to provide this information and teachings.

During this time frame of not being able to work physically on my game, I constantly work mentally.  I still review the courses that I am to play and in my mind the drills I need to get myself in 100% playing ability.

Until next blog, remember even when you have an obstacle in your way you can still get around it.....

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