Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Inspiration and Strategy tips on Practice

Well I left you yesterday with telling you I would write about who and why I was inspired to return to golf and follow my childhood dream.  I also told you I would give some tips on practice strategy.

Well first the inspiration.  I met a wonderful lady in 1997, whom I married in 1999 (this is for another story of how God brought us together).  After being married for 5 years we were waiting for my parents to come for a visit and out of the blue she asked me what are your dreams from your childhood, what did you ever want to achieve and become.  I thought wow, what a question.  I informed her that my dream was to become a professional golfer and to play in PGA tournaments.  I thought that question was just a conversation of her finding out what my dream was and not that it would be discussed again. A few days before my parents were to arrive she stated lets go look at golf courses and see what the cost is so you can possibly follow your dream.  Now she knew nothing about golf except that she thought golf was a divorce word.  We went to several courses and she told me golf is very expensive I don't know about this.  Then we ended up at a learning center and we did a tour.  As I was talking to one of the instructors, I looked over and she was pulling out her check book.  I went over and asked what you doing.  She replied, "I am signing us up for this learning center for a year."  She stated that if she didn't like the game she wouldn't continue being a member, but wanted me to have a chance to follow my dream.  That is who inspired me to start the dream again.  Wow, she didn't even like golf.  That is love.  And with someone that loves me this much I could do nothing but say, time to start the dream.  We worked together since and she has been behind me and always keeps inspiring me.  We will continue this story later in my blogging on what I did in training and how I worked at changing my swing and to have my game become good enough to play and compete as a professional and also be confident in teaching others.

Now to the tip I promised you at the beginning of this blog "Tips on Practice Strategy".

Many a times going to golf courses and ranges people including myself in the early days just want to go out and whack the ball.  They thought they will get all the practice they need on the golf course or driving range to work on what they learned from the magazines and books they read on how to do this and that.  Don't get me wrong there are great instructions in those books and magazines but reading and translating on how to get yourself to do it without having someone helping you to do it correctly is very hard to do.  My recommendation to any golfer is that if you are going to learn how to change any technique or learn how to do anything specific is to find a qualified Professional Instructor to help you.

Tips for the range:

1. Go to the range with a purpose, not just to whack a bunch of balls.
2.   Good place to work on swing technique. Not the golf course.
3.  Plan out your workout, ascertain specific drills that will help you on your game.
4.  If working on swing technique recommend using 5 or 7 iron not driver.
5.  Have fun at the Range.  Don't over task or stress yourself out.  Make games up.
6.  Spend more time on your shorter game and less time on booming the driver.  You only hit the driver maybe 14 times in a round. 

That is all for now.  I hope you all have a good time at the golf course and practice range.

Remember, Golf is all about enjoyment no matter what level you play at

Until next time.....

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