Monday, April 1, 2013

Continuing the Golf Dream Journey

I am back to continue my blog. 

After I departed yesterday I went and practiced for about three hours.   I spent most of my time on the short range working on my shots 100 yards in. Today, I spent two more hours on the short game, working on mostly pitches and chips.   I believe that working on the short game and putting is the most important part of practice.  Don't get me wrong, I think hitting balls at the range with your other irons, driver and woods is important also.  When you work on swing techniques and figuring out your distances for each club, not just whacking at a bucket of balls for no reason.  But most of your scoring in the game is done from 150 yards in.  That is where I believe you need the Most accuracy.

As I go along, I will explain my philosophy and want I think is important in the game strategy and practice strategy.

No a little more on how I got to where I am in my golf life.   I eventually played a year in high school on the golf team, played in the Military, and then back as a civilian took about 12 years off only playing about once or twice a year because of economic times and too busy working.   I passed on the dream thinking I will never achieve it because of what I heard over the years as a young adult and  that you have to have a lot of money or you are not talented enough.  I think the toughest part as I look back was believing the people that stated I am not good enough and that you are a fool for trying or going for that dream.  It is unachievable.  Well instead of believing in myself and what I believed God wanted me to do, I didn't excel and eventually lost the drive to play.  Hence the 12 years of not playing much at all except when my Dad was in visiting we would play.  The one thing I never lost is playing the game with my Dad.  It is something we shared together and we both enjoyed a lot.

  On my next entries I will share with you how I got back in the game, what my drive was and inspiration.  I will also, provide a few tips on practice strategy.

Until next time, keep swinging and remember fairways and greens.......

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