Sunday, April 7, 2013

Golf Etiquette, Lets make Golf More Enjoyable for All

What a beautiful day it has been.  70 degrees, Cloudy then Sunny,  some wind, but a great day for golf.

Yes, I went and played golf today,  I warmed up the range, chipping and putting green.  Everything seemed to be working well.  Then I wanted to go out and work on my course management.  The local PGA Pro teamed me up with a couple of other golfers because the course was busy.   I always enjoy playing with different people because they have different views on life and it is a lot of fun getting to know new people.  Well today was a little different.  These golfers were new to the game and unfortunately didn't know much golf etiquette at all. 

I grew up with learning golf from my Father and as a caddy at a Private Golf Club.  The first thing you learned was golf etiquette.  You didn't play or carry a bag unless you knew the game and how to act while on the golf course. 

I watch several times as people take the game of golf up for a lot of reasons; there friends play, business, they retired, or they just thought they always wanted to play and never did.  When people take up the game they don't realize that there is more to it then just hitting a little white ball around some grassy areas.  They don't realize that there are other people out there and if they are to loud they can bother them.   They don't understand how it affects a golfer getting ready to hit a ball and they walk or talk while they are in their back swing.  They don't realize that they  affect the putting line when they walk over where the other golfer is getting ready to put. 

So I want to give some etiquette tips that will help the new, average, and weekend golfers.

Golf Etiquette in today's golf is being lost.  Etiquette is a word that's often hard in relation to golf, more so than with any other sport.  But it's not just about manners. 

Golf Etiquette is important for several reasons;  Many of them relate to the safety of golfers, many relate to pace of play (which helps keep the game enjoyable), and other rules of golf etiquette relate to maintaining the quality of the golf course. 

In other words, golf etiquette is an essential part of the game.  It's something that newcomers generally learn as they go, on the course when playing with more experienced golfers.  It is truly the role of the experienced golfers to help pass on good golf etiquette. 

I am going to spend the next several blogs going over some of the golf etiquette to assist in making the game more enjoyable for you and those around you.

So keep following and if you see a golfer that isn't showing good golf etiquette please tactfully pass on the information that will undoubtedly improve his/her enjoyment, but the others they will encounter during there golf endeavors.

Information on golf etiquette will follow over the next several bogs......

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