Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Golf Etiquette Continued, Maintaining Good Pace

Good morning everyone,  Another beautiful day for the golf course.  I am going to give some tips on
Maintaining Good Pace on Golf Course to help you enjoy the day.

Maintain a Good Pace

  • Keep the round moving by being prepared to hit your shot when it is your turn.  You probably don't like waiting on other groups - don't make the other groups wait on you
  • The player who is away hits first in a group.  However, in friendly matches (as opposed to tournament play) this rule an be ignored in favor of "ready play" - players hit as they are ready.  All players should agree to "ready play" before it is put into effect.
  • Do not spend too much time looking for a lost ball, particularly if there is a group behind you ready to play.  If you insist on taking the full five minutes allotted in the rulebook to look for lost balls, golf etiquette says wave up the group behind to all them to play through.
  • Always try to keep pace with the group ahead of you.  If space opens in front of you allow faster group to play though.
  • When two players I a cart hit to opposite sides of a hole, drive to first ball and drop off that player with his club then drive to the second ball.  After both players hit,, meet up farther down the hole.
  • When walking from your cart to your ball,, take a couple clubs with you.  Taking only one club then having to return to the cart to retrieve a different club is a huge time-waster.
  • Always leave the putting green as soon as your group has finished putting.
Well it is time to go,  I am getting ready to depart for a golf venture in Georgia.

Take care and until next time, Hit them straight and not often.........

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