Saturday, April 20, 2013

Tips on Golf Etiquette Hints

To Finish up on the segment on Golf Etiquette Making the Game More Enjoyable for Others I leave you with the following hints:

  • Quiet Please!  Never talk during another player's swing.
  • Do not yell out following a shot.  Even if boisterous behavior doesn't bother your playing partners, there are other people on the course who may be within earshot.

  • Be aware of your shadow on the putting green.  Don't stand in a place that causes your shadow to be cast across another player or that player's putting line. Or seen in during their swing.

  • Never walk through a playing partner's putting line  Your footprints might alter the path of a partner's putt.  Step over the putting line, or walk around (behind) the partner's ball.  Also, avoid stepping on the other side of the hole on the putting line because the putter may hit the ball long and this will also effect his next shot.
Well there are a lot more golf hints on etiquette put I think we captured the most common.

If anyone has any particular parts of their game they want talked about or want tips on what to do, I will be happy to give suggestions and tips.

Next blog, I will talk about what I did in my youth to help me understand the game and provide a challenge right in my own yard.

Until then, Always be courteous to the golfers around you and hope they provide the same......

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