Friday, April 19, 2013

Golf Etiquette, Taking Care of the Course

Continuing the Golf Etiquette we are going to talk about Taking Care of the Course.

  • Observe the signs on the course and adhere to course rules.
  • Observe cart rules, Some courses will post "cart path only" signs; others will ask you to observe the "90-degree rule." Do as you are told. 

  • Keep carts away from greens and hazards.  the wheels on carts can damage these sensitive areas.

  • Repair your divots in the fairway and tee boxes.  Some courses have sand and seed bottles on carts and on tee boxes.  Use to fill divots or replace your divot you have taken.
Repair your ball marks on the green.

  • Always rake sand bunkers after hitting to erase your footprints and damage to the area where your ball was.  This will make it more enjoyable for the next person if they land in the bunker.

  • Avoid taking a divot on a practice swing.

If you adhere to these suggestions on taking care of the golf course then you will help yourself and others enjoy the game of golf and help keep the courses in a playing condition. Also, this will help keep costs down and help the grounds keepers in their jobs.

Next blog we will continue and give tips on Golf Etiquette Hints.

Until then, please take care of the course and the course will allow you to have more fun.....

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