Friday, May 17, 2013

Getting Ready for Tournament - Chipping Practice

Well, my finger is getting better and the tournament is getting closer.  I have just over a month to get in form for the next qualifier.

Since I broke my finger just over a month ago at a qualifier for the Champions Tour in Georgia, I haven't been able practice until about a week ago.  I was informed that I can start putting as long as it doesn't hurt or cause discomfort. 

The putting went well, so I have now started practicing chipping.  I am working on my short game around the green improving my timing and control.

So what I have been working on is  20 yard chip drill with my 60 degree wedge.

  • Start with stretching exercise
  • Place 4 tees three feet around hole
  • Using Hinge Hold technique
    • open stance
    • open club face
    • back swing hinge wrist
    • forward swing keep hands ahead of club head
    • focus on spot you want to land ball on green
    • watch how far ball rolls
    • adjust landing spot with roll distance to get within markers around hole

  • Goal
    • 20 chips in a row inside marker area
This is a drill you can do all the time.  This drill help you develop a short lofted shot that will allow your ball to land near the hole with little or no role.

On my next blog I will share with you another chipping drill I am currently practicing.

Until then, keep your head still and your finish smooth........

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