Sunday, May 5, 2013

Rainy Day Sundays

Today is a beautiful Rainy Day Sunday.

We have had a steady stream of rain since yesterday afternoon and today it is still beautiful.  I have been enjoying quiet time with my wife.  Her working on her genealogy and me thinking of what next to write about and enjoying a day of golf shows and other sports. 

It has been about three weeks since I broke my finger and I get to see the doctor this next week to see when I can start practicing again.  I have a couple of tournaments I want to get ready for such as the Senior US Open Qualifier in June and a local Pro-Am also in June.

I can't wait to starting working on my short game and eventually work on full swing to get my tempo in tournament condition.

As I have been sitting on my favorite chair looking out the living room window listening to the birds, watching our cat chatter at them, listening to the rain drops hitting the trees and ground along with the wind flowing through the trees and constantly looking at my gorgeous wife doing her thing I thought what rule can I talk about today and it came to me lift clean and place.

When playing golf for many years and with a variety of people I think the most misunderstood rule in golf is how to play lift clean and place properly.  A simple rule made hard by human thinking.
As provided in Rule 33-8a, the Committee may make and publish Local Rules for local abnormal conditions if they are consistent with the policy established in Appendix A.

If local abnormal conditions interfere with the proper playing of the game and the Committee considers it necessary to modify a Rule of Golf, authorization from the USGA must be obtained.

The Appendix A 4a is the one that will be utilized when the tournament director states they will play Lift Clean and Place.

Lifting an Embedded Ball, Cleaning:  Temporary conditions that might interfere with proper playing of the game, including mud and extreme wetness, or warranting relief for an embedded ball anywhere through the green or permitting lifting, cleaning and replacing a ball anywhere through the green or on a closely mown area through the green.

When this is implemented by the Director of the Tournament the proper procedure is to:
  • Mark ball before lifting.
  • Clean Ball (cannot change ball in play at that time)
  • Tournament Rules dictate the distance can be placed from original spot no closer to hole.
  • Ball in play
Well time to get back to the peacefulness of the Rainy Sunday and quiet time with my wife.

Until next time,

When playing in the rain keep as dry as you can and have the proper attire to help make the game stay fun..........


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