Sunday, May 26, 2013

Tournament Preparation at Wyndham Fairfield Glade, Crossville, Tennessee - Golf practice

Well today I didn't get a chance to play the course, but I did have a chance to work on my warm up, swing tempo, technique, and chipping.

The course was busy today so I worked on my short game instead of spending 6 hours on the course.  They had 170 people today as well as tomorrow playing on each course.  This is Memorial Weekend at a major golf Resort, Wyndham Fairfield Glade, Crossville, Tennessee.

So today I started with a warm up on the range.  I warmed up for about an hour starting with a 52 degree wedge hitting half shots working my way up to full shots.  The remainder of the time I worked on my swing tempo and technique.  I hit my 7 iron only. 

Following is what I worked on:

  • Take away, down swing, and follow through
  • Worked on aiming alignment
    • using two clubs parallel to target
      • make sure feet are positioned in line with target
      • make sure club head positioned in line with target
      • make sure divot is aligned with target
  • Worked on Draw
  • Worked on Fade

With the above my goal was to make sure I had consistent swing with proper takeaway, downswing, follow through toward different targets.  Allowing the ball to carry the distance of the stationary target.  The carry distance for 7 iron is 170-175 yards.

Outcome of workout was excellent.  All techniques felt good and were consistent.
  • Proper set up
  • Balanced start 
  • Proper swing plane
  • Weight shift
  • balanced finish
  • Consistent Ball Flight
Since I was comfortable with how the above worked out I proceeded to the chipping area.

The chipping area has a two tiered elevated green along with sand traps, fairway, intermediate rough and secondary rough.

I worked with my 60 degree, 52 degree and 56 degree wedges in the variety of areas.

  • Hinge and Hold
  • Flop shot
  • Sand shot
  • putting with 60 degree wedge on fringe with ball next to rough
Goal on each one of these shots is to put the ball within 3 feet of the target hole.

By working extensively on the different areas of rough, fairway, elevations, sand traps allows you to be more consistent in getting up and down from variety of areas.  The practice also builds your confidence.

My overall practice today went excellent.  My finger had very little sensitive feelings attributed to striking the ball on the range and in heavy rough.

In my opinion I accomplished all my goals today.

Tomorrow I will be working more on the putting aspect of the game and  more range time with 7 iron and chipping.

As you see in order for me to keep at a playing level I need to practice a variety of different shots so when I am on the course this all becomes second nature.

For the weekend golfer you don't have to practice as extensive as I do, but if you put half the effort into your practice as you do your game you will become a better golfer.

Until then, I will leave you with a story I heard from Gary Player.  As he was working on his sand shots, a golfer was on-looking and saw Mr. Player place three sand shots in a row in the hole.  The observer stated, wow, that was sure lucky.  Mr. Players response to the spectator was, yes, the more I practice the luckier I get.

Thanks for viewing my blog and I hope you keep checking in.....

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