Monday, May 27, 2013

Tournament Preparation and Vacation Wyndham Fairfield Glade, Tennesse - chip, putt, range

Today was another beautiful day at Wyndham Fairfield Glade Resort in Crossville, Tennessee.  My wife and I went out for a walk today and enjoyed the nature.  After the morning walk I went to the course for some practice.

With the courses still packed and looking at a good six hour round, I again opted for working on the range, chipping area, and practicing on putting.

The practice areas are in really good condition since they just held the Tennessee Senior Open here recently.

I worked on the pretty much the same drills I did yesterday at the chipping area and range.

I was happy with all my work out.  I claim it as a success.  My finger didn't feel sensitive at all.

The putting drills were also excellent.  There was no one on the practice putting area and the stimpmeter was probably at an 11 for speed.  I prefer fast greens to practice on since it will allow you to have a truer stroke and role.  By stating Truer stroke, you don't have to force your stroke to make the ball get to the hole. 

I worked on the following putting drills:

  • 8 balls 6 feet from hole
    • holed 75% putts
  • 5, 10, 15 feet drill
    • 20 minutes making 3 balls at each location in a row
  • 3 foot drill 8 balls
    • 50 balls in a row
  • lag drill
    • 30 foot putts
    • goal finishing putts either in hole or near hole within 1 foot
    • 75% of putts left inside 1 foot. 
I am very happy with my putting drills and what I accomplished.  I am feeling good about my practice and getting ready for the Qualifier that is coming up.

As you continue to read and follow my blogging I am providing a lot of knowledge in practice drills.  If you work on these drills I can guarantee that your game will improve and bring any level of golfer to a different level. 

Tomorrow I am heading back home so I won't have time to practice or write another blog.  My next blog should be in a couple of days so keep reading. 

My next blog I will write about the resort we stayed at and provide some pictures.

Until next time, If you are having any issues with your game and you need advise see your local PGA Professional.....

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