Monday, May 13, 2013

Rainy Day Sunday cont'd - Things To Do Indoors 4. Chipping Drill

The 4th Thing To Do Indoors is Chipping:

Pitching Wedge
These drills can be done just about anywhere. It improves one of the most important parts of your game—wedge play.

• Find about 10 feet of open floor space. Put a small towel on the floor and stand about 10 feet away. Use a short, smooth stroke, keeping your hands ahead of the club face. Try chipping 50 balls onto the towel. Practice so the balls land on the towel, not come to rest on the towel. Start with an 8 iron, then move to a 9 iron, and then to a wedge. The more you practice the better control you’ll have over those short chips.

Next time you’re on the practice range, try the same drill. Watch how far each club makes the ball roll on the putting surface. Now you’ll have more control over your chips under different conditions. After awhile, you should be able to nestle every shot close to the pin, or sink it!

Just remember that you want to make sure you are not hitting toward anything that is breakable.  Be very careful.  And if you are a young adult or child ask your parents before using this technique.  Guys that are married, I suggest the same thing.

The fifth and last Thing To Do Indoors I will talk about is working on your swing balance.

Until next time, your short game is the second most important part of your game.......

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