Friday, May 10, 2013

Rainy Days Cont'd - Things To Do Indoors 2. Putting

The Second area of interest you can do indoor I want to cover is putting.

Putting you can do just about anywhere.  Putting is 50% of a par 72 score.  Think about it, if you consider two putts a hole per round a par for the greens, then you have a total of 36 strokes which is half of the par of 72.  Therefore, 50% of your game is putting.

With that being stated you want to practice putting as often as possible.  There are many drills out there that you can work on so I will just cover a couple that you can do in your living room.  I recommend that you use carpet that isn't shaggy, a rug that is relatively smooth, a smooth linoleum floor, or a putting pad when practicing indoors.

Drill one working on tempo and speed control:
  •  Place a marker (size of quarter) on the floor of your living room carpet, rug (if smooth enough to simulate a putting green), or putting pad.
  • Place another marker 1 foot behind first marker
  • Place ball at least 6-8 feet away from the marker.
  • Stroke ball attempting to roll over first marker while not letting it roll past second marker.

Drill two consistent short putts:
  • Place marker on carpet.
  • Place ball 2-3 feet away from marker.
  • Stroke ball to just go over marker with firm stroke stopping just past marker.
This drill will build confidence on short putts with a firm, consistent stroke so when playing in that $2 Nassau you won't miss the much needed putt.

These drills are good to practice on putting green at any range or golf course.   Both will help in building confidence with your putting game.

There is no time limit to practicing putting either indoors or outdoors.  Since it is 50% of your score you want to spend as much time practicing as possible no matter how good you think you get.

Next we will work on the third thing you can do indoors - Practicing swing tempo and technique.

Until then keep your head down and listen for the putt to drop in the hole instead of looking for it......

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