Saturday, May 25, 2013

Golf Dreams - Getting Ready for Tournament - Tennessee Golf and Fiber Art

I took yesterday off from blogging to travel to Tennessee for a vacation with my wife at Wyndham Fairfield Glade Resort, Crossville, TN. 

This is the Golf Mecca of Tennessee, so they state.  I agree that this is a marvelous place to play golf and enjoy some quiet times along with many other activities.  They have 2 marinas, 2 beaches, 11 lakes and 4 golf courses.  We have  been coming here for about 2 1/2 years.

We will spend some time at the craft fair with my wife and our friends at Dunn Spunn a Fiber Art Studio and Store just off  I-40 on Peavine Road before you get to the Resort. 

Today, we spent time at the Craft Fair and with our friends.  It is so wonderful watching my wife enjoy herself in her element.  Crafting is one of my wife's and mine past times.  It is something we enjoy doing together and in a good relationship you need to enjoy doing things together.

There was many enjoyable crafts made of wood, glass ware, jewelry and such, but our most interested area is fiber art.

Our friend Katelyn, her friend Emily and Katelyn's Mom Kelley have a booth at the Memorial Weekend Craft Fair at Wyndham Fairfield Glade Resort.  They have a lot of marvelous items for sale and Katelyn demonstrated spinning. 

Katelyn is a wonderful talented fiber artists who taught my wife 2 years ago how to knit, and my wife loves spending time with Katelyn and her mom when ever we come to the resort.  Katelyn is not only a well known fiber artist but she is a talented instructor in fiber art creations, spinning, and knitting.  Please check their store out at

So if any one is interested in fiber art and golf this Resort is a wonderful place stay. 

I will spend the next 3 days working on my game and talk about my play and practice.

Until tomorrow, enjoy what you are doing at all times and the times you have will be great.......

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